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Queen for a day

Yesterday I was a Queen.  IMG_0322_edited-1

“Oh, Sweet Princess?”  “Yes, Your Majesty?”

“Would you like to slice the royal bananas?”  “Oh yes, Your Majesty!  Where do I put them?”  “In the royal ziploc, Princess.”

“Your Majesty, how shall I reward the good heart?”  “Princess, what about a jewel?”  “OH YES, Your Majesty!”

What fun!  We make construction paper hearts with wiggley eyes, and scepters that sparkled.  We laugh and wave our scepters with all the grace that is expected of royalty.  The best part for the Queen is watching the Princess, knowing that this little heart has no fear in the presence of the Queen.  Even when the Queen needs to correct, it is borne of love and easy to bear.  So this Princess is completely herself, innocent, loving, and has no doubt that she is eternally loved by the Queen.  She knows.

Even with my qualms about what princess movies suggest to our little girls, I can use these times to teach this precious one about the real King.  To lay the foundation now before the world has a chance to bring doubt, that she is the daughter of the King of kings, eternally loved, free to be herself.

And I wonder, how many of us have forgotten that we are children of royalty?  That God Almighty has chosen us for His own, adopted us, made us His heir and seated us next to Him on His throne.  The best part for Him is when He sees us before Him with no fear.  Understanding that if He corrects, it’s borne of love and easy to bear.   He delights when we are completely ourselves in His presence because we’ve taken the innocence He’s purchased for us, and we have no doubt that we are eternally loved by our King. Because we know.

The joy of yesterday’s moments linger into today, and my Father the King whispers to me… you know?

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