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This morning brought an early rise after a sleepless night.  One of those nights where I just couldn’t get the brain to shut off.  I wrestled with the covers in an endless attempt to get comfortable.  Surely if I could just get in the right position my body and mind would relax and sleep would come….

So the coffee brews early and extra strong as I wander through the chaos that is the current state of my house, wondering what I can accomplish without disturbing the ones who are enjoying their sleep.  I am jealous.  I think that if I can just get those first two cups of coffee down I will be able to face the demands of this day.  I’ve already calculated what needs to be done and what time I will be able to crawl back in my bed tonight.  Early.

As the caffeine begins to chase away the brain fog, I read a devotional and it is perfect for this moment.  It reminds me that God already sees this day and He’s not worried about it at all.  He calls to me again, just to sit and relax and let Him love me.  His presence makes me acutely aware of my inability to do anything without Him.  The old me that would start the day in an effort to muster the strength needed is gone, and the now me gladly acknowledges my desperate need for His strength.  It pleases Him.

I glance up from my bible and see a poster I’ve hung by my desk that reminds me to pray for persecuted Christians around the world.  Persecuted Christians.  Believers that aren’t relaxing in a comfortable chair with a hot cup of coffee.  Believers that will wonder today if they will face bodily harm because of their faith.  Believers who have sacrificed everything to stand boldly for Christ.  Believers who are imprisoned by literal bars and chains.   I am humbled.

The old me would feel guilty about my freedom, my comforts in this life I have.  The now me knows that God sees my needs and is ever ready to help me even though so many face so much worse.  There is no sin in being blessed, in being born in a land that is free. Only if I would forget those who have so little.   In considering their needs, my words seem lacking.  But He knows and He hears.  So I pray.

Let’s not forget the amazing power of simple prayer.  Today, a believer I don’t know in another part of the world where I’ve never been is helped because I asked our Father.  Today, an unbeliever I don’t know in another part of the world I will never see hears the gospel of salvation and gives their heart to Jesus because I asked my Father.  It doesn’t require lofty words or even intense emotion.  It requires faith and the willingness to slow down long enough to remember those who need our prayers.

“…whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will get it.”  Mark 11:24

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