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Some days

Some days are just hard.  It’s usually a culmination of many things that make these days hard and I suspect that each of us have our own particular buttons that when pushed, threaten to send us over the edge.  Yesterday in meeting with my ladies, it was revealed that several of us were in the same place – in need of someone to talk us back from the ledge.   All with different circumstances demanding our attention, straining our brains, and draining our emotions, we were dangerously close to jumping.  Exhaustion was at its peak and hung over us like an enormous thundercloud that at any moment could break forth in a deluge of tears.  We put forth our best efforts to hold it together while finding great comfort in the atmosphere of understanding that would have simply passed the tissues around should the dam break.

Some days these storms dissipate on their own and those around us are spared the soaking that was about to take place. Other days we open our eyes desperately hoping to see the sun shining only to find that the clouds loom darker than the day before.  The forecast is gloomy and there are no energy stores left to face anything more.  We are empty.

We may turn off the alarm and pull the covers back over our heads and escape into a world of dreams.  For days.  Or we may get up, get dressed and go through the motions of our duties like robots, functioning but with no emotion. Or we may cry.  A lot.  Over every little thing.

We long to be overcomers but find ourselves struggling just to be survivors, clinging to the belief that the storms will pass sooner or later.   The enemy bombards us with thoughts of how we could have or should have done things differently, as if we are so powerful in ourselves that we can prevent the storms of life from ever coming our way. Our greatest faith efforts are given to resisting the enemy’s words of despair and defeat that repeat in our ears.

We think our victory will be in what we do to make the storm better or easier or pass more quickly, and when empty of the energy required to “do” anything, we fear defeat is inevitable.  But victory is truly found when we find ourselves fallen at His feet in desperate need of Him.  Whether the storm was of our own making or something completely out of our control is of no matter to Him when we lay at His feet.  He has always been and will always be everything we need.

He is our Father who loves us no matter what.

He is the Healer of our broken hearts.

He is the Shepherd when we don’t know which way to go.

He is Mercy for our mistakes.

He is the Rest we need.

So when we are empty, when there’s nothing left to give, let’s remember that victory is ours at His feet.



7 thoughts on “Some days”

  1. It is not by accident that we should all be struggling together! It is a God thing so we can share our ways to over come all. It is a God thing! We lay all at his feet and he will take it all from us! Thank you for sharing you thoughts! Praise God!

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