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Do you dance?

She was the first to arrive at the chapel service.  Perched front and center with a smile on her face, it was evident she could not wait for the service to begin.  When the music started she quickly moved to join me where I was standing at the side.  “Do you dance?” she asked.  It was more a question of permission than gathering information about my personal praise preferences.  “Sweetie, if you want to dance, then dance!”  And she did.  Her movements were not structured or pre-planned, but were a sweet expression from deep within that simply could not be contained in mere words.  Completely free and unashamed, it was beautiful.

She hugged me when the songs were done and found her place again at the front.  The anticipation on her face caught my eye again and again as I shared with the small crowd what God had placed on my heart.  At times it seemed as if she were about to jump out of her chair and begin to dance again!  It was clear she was comfortable with the bible as she looked up each scripture I mentioned, and with tears in her eyes she received the familiar words she heard.

Follow Me.*

Two simple words from Jesus that have the potential to profoundly change lives.   Two words so compelling that men would respond at once, leaving everything they had known behind to walk with Jesus, a walk that would lead them to change the world.  Two words that described the heartbeat of this woman in front of me, the very words she had ingrained in the minds and hearts of her children.

Deny yourself.*

Two challenging words from Jesus, often misunderstood and selfishly overlooked, that have the power to set a person free.  Two words which when understood are equally compelling to the call to follow.  A concept undesirable to most, the laying down of one’s own interests is the only true way to experience the life Jesus died to give.  She stood in this crowd with many desires of her own, yet desiring more the abandonment to His call.

Follow Me.*

It is the call on our lives, each and every one of us.  Calling us away from our selfishness and into a walk that will change our world, if only we will obey.  A call that will take us through difficulties and challenges and promises to provide all that we need to go through them.  A call that will fulfill the deepest desires of our hearts and satisfy us with a life full of purpose.  A call that will take us into a glorious eternity when this life is done.

Do you dance?

Three simple words spoken from a woman who has no home.  A woman whose experiences I know nothing about, who has found herself separated from her children and the securities of times past.  A woman in a difficult situation who chooses to dance.  She has found a treasure that costs her everything.  She has found a reason to dance.

Let them praise His name with dancing…..   Psalm 149:3

*Matthew 16:24



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