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What lingers still?

Christmas has come and gone once again.  For some, the festivities linger with the tree fully trimmed and decorations still in place as they maintain the atmosphere of love and family and friends the season invites, wanting it never to end. Others have quickly dismantled the tree and packed away all evidence of celebration, glad the discomfort of difficult relationships in close quarters has passed.  Many returned to work today as the year-end demands its attention.  All are aware that a new year begins in just a few short days and while we understand that this brings no magical formula for change, we anticipate that somehow, some way, this number on the calendar will offer a fresh wave of hope for something more.

I don my rose-colored glasses as I look for the silver lining and sip on my glass-half-full in an effort to resist the disappointment of unanswered prayers.  I was sure God would have moved by now.  I was sure things would have changed more.  I was sure healing would take place.  I was sure direction would be clear.  I was sure restoration would come.  I was sure I would be on the other side of this valley.  Yet I am still waiting as the unresolved lingers.

Many a time my young and foolish heart embarked on its own way when God’s timing frustrated me.  Long before learning how to be still, action seemed to be the only salve for the ache of disappointment.  Sadly, the results always being that my latter disappointment was greater than the former.  Lessons hard learned. Thankfully, patience took root over the years and although waiting is difficult in many ways, there is a peace here that no activity can provide.  So I wait.

I’ve probably put more thought into the “reason for the season” over the last few days than I did throughout the pre-Christmas preparations. Immanuel.  God with us.  Jesus, God incarnate, coming to literally show that God is with us.

I am with you.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  I am your very present help in time of trouble.  I AM.

I yield and surrender my disappointment to this One Who is Faithful and True.  He is with me.  He is leading me through.  My focus was never supposed to be on the end result, that is His responsibility.  The fact that He is with me is the focus.  Learning more of Who He is as I walk with Him is the focus.

So as this new year approaches I am reassured that He is with me.  Not in a passive way, but actively working in my life and the lives of those I love to accomplish His purposes which are good.  He is the blessing.  This is the hope for the new year.  This is the focus.  Beyond what I can see, His plans continue to exist as time passes.  He lingers still.




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