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Two things

If you’ve been following the last few posts, you know that I’ve been cleaning house.  Literally and metaphorically. I’ve cleaned the mess in the corner that had been piling up, unboxed my framed photographs and hung them on the wall, and filled my Jeep to the max with things to donate to a local ministry/resale center; someone else can use the things I no longer need.  I’ve rearranged furniture and done the usual weekly household cleaning and despite the time it took and the sore muscles it produced, it feels good to have a clean house.  Things are simple again.

I shared with the ladies mentioned yesterday of a time when I was overwhelmed spiritually, frustrated that things were not going well and with all the knowledge I thought I had about God and Jesus and being a Christian, nothing seemed to be having an effect on my immediate circumstances.  There seemed to be a great chasm between all my knowledge and the application of those things in my life.  And I remember crying out to God…

What’s wrong?  I’ve been in church all my life, learned the bible stories, memorized the verses, attended the studies.  I’ve been faithful to serve.  But look at me!  My life’s a mess and somehow none of the stuff I’ve learned seems to make a difference.  I can’t seem to do any of it right any more.  It’s too much!”

Set it aside.  All that you know.”  He answered.

“What??  That can’t be right.”

I have two things I want you to do.  Can you do two things?

“But Lord, look at all the things I should be doing!  I should be studying more and praying more and teaching more and serving more and…”

Can you do two things?”  He patiently asked again.

“Yes, Lord, I can do two things.”

Number 1:  Love me.  Can you do that?

“Yes, of course, Lord!”

Number 2:  Tell others that I love them, too.  Can you do that?

With peace beginning to settle over me, I gladly answered “Yes, yes, Lord, I can do that!”

Kay, if you will do those two things, even if you never do anything else, I will welcome you in and say “Well done, My good and faithful servant*.

My heart melted with relief as I felt I fell into His arms, the heavy burden of living a good, Christian life that I was trying to carry was just made so simple that I was sure I could do it.  His mission for me had become easy and light**.  Since that time many years ago, I’ve gotten rid of some things I was taught about Him, kept some things, and accumulated more things.  My desire to know Him more is insatiable and if I’m not careful, I become over-committed and over-involved, and find myself too busy to do the basics.  However, in all of my seeking and learning, when the activity and accumulation become distractions, He gently reminds me:  “Keep it simple.  Two things.”

So if you are looking to simplify this Christian life and still know that He is pleased, love Him and tell others that He loves them, too.  Everything else can wait and will find its right place in your life.  And one day He will welcome you in, saying “Well done!”

*Matthew 25:21

**Matthew 11:30


Two things” was written by Kay Stinnett and first appeared on

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