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The sweet spot


I like sports.  While I don’t follow much anymore other than our son’s baseball and granddaughter’s soccer teams, I do enjoy a good game.  My favorite is basketball.  I love the fast pace of the game and the incredible athleticism of the really good players.  There are many good players that have a particular place on the court from which the shot will most surely be successful.  It’s actually pretty amazing to watch them time after time hit the goal from that place.  It’s the sweet spot.  They know that if they can position themselves in the sweet spot, they will score.  Nothing builds a player’s confidence like hitting the goal over and over, so even in practice they will repeatedly shoot from that spot.  The team will work to get that player to the right spot because they know they all benefit.

The player loves the sweet spot. They love the game, they love the challenge, they love the other opportunities to participate in the play, but nothing compares to the sweet spot.  From this spot the shot is effortless and almost impossible to miss.  It feels as easy and natural as breathing.  The player has no doubts or fears of failure, even when the occasional miss occurs.  They still know it’s their spot.

We each have a sweet spot.  When we are there, things just seem to fall into place.  We are at our best doing what brings the deepest sense of fulfillment.  We are doing what we were destined to do.  We participate in many things in our lives that we do well and which bring a great sense of satisfaction, but nothing compares to the sweet spot.

Have you found your sweet spot?

God created each of us uniquely designed for His purposes.  He gave us differing talents and abilities and gifts in order to live full lives enjoying Him and positively affecting the lives of those around us.  So why do we struggle so in trying to find what He has for us?

Many of us have wandered through this world as His children without ever discovering what we have inherited from our Father.  Never knowing what He placed in us before we were ever born that would equip us to reach our greatest potential and find our deepest fulfillment this side of heaven.  Never learning how our personalities and temperaments come together with our gifts and talents to produce a full life and effective service.  Always feeling that something is missing.  Always searching for greater satisfaction.

Still unclear what I’m talking about?  Let me give you my story to help you understand…

There were two studies which played vital roles in discovering and accepting who I was:  Temperaments/Personalities and Spiritual Gifts.   In studying the four basic temperaments I learned why I am so direct, even to the point of being rude if I’m not careful.  Why I am often bossy and take charge even when not asked to do so. Why I am a hard worker with high, perfectionist expectations which can make it hard for others, and myself, to meet my standards.

Left with only that information, I would want to crawl in a hole and become a hermit in order to protect the general public!!  But the mentors I had helped to complete this study by showing me how to temper my God-given personality in order to become mature and developed, turning what could be weaknesses into great strengths.  Looking at it that way, I have endeavored to become a woman who is known to tell the truth, but with love; one willing to step up when leadership is needed; able to take on great tasks and complete them; and to relax my unrealistic expectations so that encouragement can flow in whatever is being undertaken.

In studying Romans 12 the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I have the gift of exhortation – the desire and ability to influence by words or advice; to strongly urge action.  Even before the study, I knew I had this compulsion to encourage people to go for more, especially when it concerned the things of God.  This gift has been in development for over 30 years now through many a bible study and Sunday school class I’ve taught.  God even led me into a professional sales career which provided more formal training as a speaker.  Getting a paycheck for doing what comes naturally and gives a great sense of fulfillment – THAT’s a sweet spot!!  Now I speak at retreats, bible studies, conferences – anywhere I am invited!!  And guess what I do?  Encourage others to go deeper in their spiritual lives, to be passionate about their relationship with God.

Last weekend was a great example.  When I spoke on Saturday to the precious ladies who braved the rain storms to be there, it was effortless.  It was like breathing.  I deviated from our workbook considerably, but knowing that God has developed this gift in me and that He will use it however He desires, there was no fear of failure, no worries that I would do the wrong thing.  At the end of the day I was satisfied and that deep sense of fulfillment washed over me, the confidence that I had done just what He wanted.  Was it perfect?  Not hardly.  (Let’s start with the fact that I had neglected to pack my belt and had to pull on my jeans all throughout the day….)  But I was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.  The sweet spot.

You must take the time with your Father to discover what He’s given you and yield to His plans of how He wants to lead and direct you.  Learn who you are, who He made you, how he gifted you and watch what happens.  You’ll find yourself more deeply fulfilled than you ever imagined.  Why am I writing this today?  Because if I can help you get in the right position, we all benefit.  You’ll be empowered, doing the very thing you were destined for, and we will be blessed by it.  Find your sweet spot.


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