Passion:  strong enthusiasm; a powerful, compelling emotion; love

Purpose:  the reason for which something exists; an intended result

These 2 words define my heart cry.  I want to live a life full of purpose – ON purpose – strongly enthusiastic about each day because it matters.  I want to experience all that the precious blood of  Jesus our Lord purchased for me to have – and I want to lead others to do the same!

A little background:

I accepted Christ at age 8.  In my early adult years God orchestrated His plan to place me with people that were believers in the God of the impossible, a God that was real – every day!  They stirred in me such a hunger, I longed to know Him as not only Savior, but LORD – the Master of my life.

Yet even in this search, with a heart full of desire to learn, I missed a critical component – HIS LOVE FOR ME.  My first experience at being “in love” had ended with me devastated and broken.  The enemy used this opportunity to establish a deep stronghold of insecurity, which in turn led me to continue a cycle of defeat.  And he told me my dreams would never come true, that I had messed it up too badly and missed my chance…..

BUT GOD….        (Don’t you love those words??)

In His lovingkindness, He uses the events in my life to lead me to a wilderness….a little town in Arkansas where I know no one.  I have no family there, no friends except 1, I am failing miserably at my work, I can’t pay my rent….I am more alone and desperate than I have ever been.  I spend days on the balcony of my apartment, crying, angry, frustrated……

…and I finally hear it:           I love you.

These words were the only thing I heard from Him for days, but He was relentless.  And I finally REALLY heard it – He loves me and that love is enough.  It was life-changing.

In just a few weeks from that time, He changes my opportunities at work to place me in a position to develop my gifts – teaching and exhortation.  And now, He has called me out of the business world to follow the dream He planted in me years ago – to use my gifts for Him.

We live in a world full of people who are desperate to know that their lives matter – to find their purpose in life.  There are so many, even in the body of Christ, that are empty and longing for more.  My message is always one of salvation, but my strongest desire is to build up and help develop the body of Christ, to be salt and light so others are thirsty for more of Him.  My vision:  to speak to small groups, large groups, churches, Christian organizations – anyone who will sit still long enough to listen!  I talk.  It’s my best thing!

I believe the blessing of the Lord is what equips us to do what He’s called us to do, and His favor provides the opportunities. So I am asking and believing for those opportunities to speak – I am bursting to share all that my amazing God has done and desires to do for anyone who will call on Him!  I hope to meet you at an event!!

Kay Stinnett 

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