Kay facts

I moved back to the Houston area in 2007 and married Mark Veach.  We met in high school and he asked me to marry him then, but I wouldn’t give him the time of day!  Ooops!  Finally telling him “yes” took divine intervention and is a story for another day.  He currently uses his 30+ years of knowledge and skills with a mulch company in the area.

Between the two of us we have 7 living children + 1 with Jesus, 6 grandchildren, and 2 dogs.  Our lives are full – abundant with activity and laughter – it is truly the best time of my life!!

We are members of First Baptist Church, Huffman, Texas, where I am the children’s minister.

For several years before leaving a professional sales position, I taught an after work bible study for a small group of co-workers on a bi-monthly basis, and currently teach bible studies at churches gracious enough to invite me.

Prior to my sales career I was a homemaker and a seamstress for the public (a role to which I have very happily returned!).

And I have kept my maiden name because Mark has called me “Stinnett” for 30 years and decided it would be too hard to make the change!



1 thought on “Kay facts”

  1. Kay,
    We are looking forward to your being in Cameron, Tx at First Baptist Church, Tuesday, Dec.1. at our Christmas By Candlelight!

    You will be a special guest at my table and I will be introducing you. I would like to use the info about you on your web page and any more information you would like to provide.

    Again, we grow more and more excited as the event approaches!

    Martha Henry

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