Ladies Special Events (luncheons, dinners, etc.)

Ladies Retreats


Bible Study Groups

Worship Services

Christian Organizations

“Kay Stinnett brings with her an energy and a passion that is refreshing, inviting and uplifting.  A gifted communicator who connects the love of God with her audience.  She is fun with a purpose.   I believe she will be a blessing to anyone who invites her.”

               – Mike Martin,  Pastor First Baptist Church Huffman

“Kay Stinnett is a rare individual.  She has the intellect of a teacher, the soul of a warrior and a heart for God.  She has a spiritual maturity that is uncommon and much needed in today’s society.  She has the ability to connect with audiences equally well from the stage or in small group settings. Your group will leave with more clarity about their relationship with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  They will also come away with a renewed relationship with their local church and they will thank you for bringing her in to speak.”

               ~ Jeff C. West – Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author of The Unexpected Tour Guide


For more information, please email me at:


Or call 713 560 2981



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